Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Since today is Father's day. I decided to post a little tribute to the men in my life.

Jeremy is a fantastic dad. Everyday he works our little Andie wakes up and says "Where's daddy?" before "hi mom", even before "cereal" and both are so excited to see him when he comes home. They love playing with dad and reading, pretty much anything that has to do with their dad they love. He's an amazing husband and I am so lucky I snatched him up before anyone else did. I love you Jeremy!

I think my dad is one of the most amazing men. He knows so much and can do anything. He's always been there for me and helped me out with every problem I have come to him with. He's an anchor, a great Poppa, and I'm lucky I get to be his daughter.

Jeremy's dad, Quinn, I've never had the chance to meet. I died long before I got to join the family. But I've heard that he's just like his son Jeremy, to whom I am married. If that's true, I would've really like him. I'm glad that my sweet husband got to have him as a dad and I'm glad of the great things he got to do and learn from him. Ally talks about her grandpa with the black hair, I don't know if she remembers him from before she was born or if she kinda made him up after seeing his picture, either way I'm glad she thinks of him with fondness. I love them all. So don't forget to wish the men in your life a great father's day.

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Beth said...

That is so sweet. You made me cry! You are such an amazing addition to our family! Thank you for loving my stinker older brother so much and taking care of those sweet girls.
I love you