Saturday, June 14, 2008

Wal-Mart Picnic

On the 10th was the Wal-Mart DC Company Picnic. There was tons of good food, games, rides, and fun. Jeremy got to play basketball with some buddies and the girls and I wandered around and enjoyed all there was to be enjoyed plus some.

Mmm Snow Cones!

There was also this huge shark slide. The girls went down it and had a blast so they wanted to do it again. They waited in line and the worker guy would tell 4-5 kids that they could go up. Then right after he did, he switched with another worker guy who only let up two at a time. Well my girls freaked out and would NOT go down. The worker wouldn't let any one go up until they went down. It was pretty embarrassing until a boy offered to go and get them for me. What a sweet kid! Needless to say that was the last time they went on that ride that day.

There was face painting too. Ally loved her butterfly, Andie went with a pink heart. I dared Jeremy to get a Harry Potter lighting bolt scar but he was too chicken.

Ultimate Fighters. There was a little boy that jumped in line and had no one to play with so our girls decided to try. This one is Andie, she could barely hold it up. Ally played with him too, she did a little better but not much. Jeremy and I duked it out. He won both times but he has longer arms.

The Bounce House. I wanted to go on this one but I'd look weird and feel silly jumping with a bunch of little kids.

Basket- ball shoot out!

The girls enjoyed dancing. Even though nobody else was doing it. But hey there was music and when your body tells you to move you gotta move!

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Michael and Tiffany said...

You guys have too much fun-I am jealous. Thanks for putting up all these pics Apryl. The girls are so cute and I always smile at their cute and sometimes funny (especially Andy) faces.