Wednesday, July 9, 2008

I Hope they Call Me on a Mission!

My younger bro left last week, July 2 to be precise, on his mission. His call is to Santa Rosa, California. He's excited cuz it's the perfect temperature year round for him. He's so pumped to get out there and share the gospel. We had a neighbor growing up that is David's age, Matt, his mission call was to Russia and they went to the MTC on the same day so their farewell was together and the night before they had a party for all their friends together. They even went in to be set apart together. I got to go to the setting apart. Before they did it the stake president said he got a call earlier that day that changed Matt's mission call to Santa Rosa, California spanish speaking. How crazy is that! But while they're been in the MTC it has changed again to more central California instead of northern California. I guess getting a visa for Russia is next to impossible. That just seemed surreal to me. But I'm so glad that David (I mean Elder) gets to go on a mission and serve the Lord. Good Luck Elder Forsgren, the church is true!

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