Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Peach Days!

I Love Peach Days! It's been going for over a century. We have pageants, shows, races, games, booths, displays, yummy food, much more to mention and my favorite, the parade. I love looking at the floats and watching for people I know. They give out candy and fliers and we all just sit and snack on treats while we are entertained. I had an excellent dinner of Navajo Taco and funnel cake. I loved walking around the booths (although it is getting a bit crowded) and looking at all the different things people had for sale.

Here's Ally with Muscle Man showing off how strong they are.

The belly dancers are always funny to watch, you don't get to see that everyday.

This was Wal-Mart's float. It was pretty cool. Pirates of the Caribbean, it even moved. I was highly disappointed that they didn't give out candy.

My niece, Beth, is on a competition soccer team. They're really good. She's the center blonde in pigtails wearing face paint. They got to be in the parade. They had a game later on the day, and it was her birthday. She had a pretty busy day to say the least.

This year Jeremy's great great uncle (his grandpa's uncle) was the Grand Marshall of the Parade.

They have a Peach Queen Pageant and a Junior Peach Queen Pageant. They actually judge the older one but the Junior pageant is made up of Box Elder County's five-year-old girls. The winners' names are picked out of a bowl. They get to ride in convertibles but the rest of the girls get to ride in this train. Ally and her cousin get to participate in the event next year.

Yeah Young Plumbing. They have this one every year and it is a classic. I laugh hard every time I see it.

This one I thought was pretty cool. I'm a Star Wars fan.

This is my brother, Micah. Mr. Forsgren to the Middle School students. He's the choir teacher there this year. Last year he taught science. He is a Student Council Advisor as well. He's the guy sitting in the chair clapping. He rocks!

These are my little twin sisters. Tabbers and Macaroni. (not their real names in case you couldn't tell). Taba and her husband got to bring their baby home the night before. She brought him to our other sister's house for the annual BBQ after the parade and I got the hold the little butterball. Yeah! Oh and that's just a tootsie roll in between Kenzie's front teeth.

Here's just a few of us at the parade. There's my sister-in-law Tiff, her husband Michael and my Ally with her doughnut in between them. Then my niece, Emily, is holding Andie on her lap. I have no idea who those people are in the back. We'll call them Nigel and Edna Vancamp. Hee hee.


Beth said...

YEAH Peach Days! I am so sad I missed the parade. I am so glad you got to visit Edna and Nigel, what a great pair!

Great pictures! Your new nephew is too cute!

CC said...

Apryl, I am so glad you took pictures of the parade! I miss Peach Days so much it hurts, but seeing the pics helps. I have to say I really love your blog. You do an excellent job of keeping it up and making it cute all in one. Miss you guys tonz.