Friday, March 20, 2009


I didn't think I would end up in the maternity ward quite so soon. Thankfully it wasn't me that needed to be checked in. It was Jeremy. Last night around 9ish he started getting cramps in his stomach. He figured it wasn't too bad, he could grin and bear it. He went to bed. Not long after that he was up and running for the bathroom, over and over throughout the entire night. After the first few hours it turned to dry heaving. Then it went to bile. Sorry for being graphic. Would that be the right word here? In between all this Ally kept crying and coughing. She's had a little cold that came on suddenly Thursday afternoon. Finally around 6:45ish Jeremy couldn't take it anymore. His situation has happened twice before. I take him to the doctors, they give him a shot, he sleeps for about 24 hours and viola! He's cured. But this time the doctor's office was not open.

We dropped the girls off at my wonderful mom's house thinking it would only take about an hour. A shot, a little monitoring, and he's back to good. No such luck. They did a pretty darn good job taking care that he got help for what was wrong. They gave him medication for the nausea but couldn't give him anything for the cramps until the doctor came. He was in a good deal of pain. The doctor came and poked and prodded and declared that he needed a CAT scan. After that test was done they diagnosed him with appendicitis. I called my mom to tell her it would be quite a while longer and explained the problem. Around 11ish they decided he needed a real room, not just a corner in the emergency room. But, unfortunately, all the room were full so they wheeled him into the Labor and Delivery area. He got a kick out of that seeing how they were going to remove something from his body, that was the place to be. My dad and brother came and gave him a blessing which not only helped him but made me feel reassured too. Thanks you guys, I love ya! While they were doing that my sweet, sweet mom took my sick daughter to the doctors. She had a cold, ear infection, and a rash all over her body which was an allergic reaction to the immunizations she had a few days before. So I went and got the ammoxicillan prescription filled. Then I ran off to the Wal-Mart DC to get Leave Of Absence papers for Jeremy.

They told us that the surgery was scheduled for 2pm. But the surgeon, Dr. Ashdown, is apparently a very busy man. He didn't get in until a little after 5. He was wheeled in the operating room where 3 little incisions were made and the appendectomy was completed. At 7, Dr. Ashdown came in and told me that it went very well. It was textbook case and, depending on how Jeremy felt, tomorrow he could go home. Thank you Dr. Ashdown, you did an excellent job! Jeremy came back to the room around 7:30. The nurses told me that he was asking for me, (an hour later he didn't remember saying anything like that, but I know subconsciously I'm loved, just kidding honey). They hooked him all back up and gave him some much needed ice chips. He seemed a little loopy but quickly got over that. His cousin came to see and and we talked. Finally around 9pm I decided I better relieve my mother of my adorable daughters.

Andrea was out cold on the couch. Ally was up, wide awake watching cartoons. My mom offered to let them sleep at her house so wouldn't have to drag them home and then drag them back in the morning. Have I mentioned how amazing my sweet mother is? If not, I'll tell you. She is amazing!! I could not have gotten through the day without her selfless giving. I love you so much mom! I am so grateful for the medical staff, for their knowledge and kindness. I'm grateful that Jeremy's appendix didn't burst and that the surgery went well. In spite of all that's happened today I'm grateful that it wasn't worse than it was. Thanks to those who showed your concern and love. I'm so grateful I live in modern days where we have the knowledge and equipment for somewhat common procedures that used to cause deaths. I'm so grateful for Jeremy and that I get many, many more years to be with and love him. I better get to bed. Hopefully he'll come home tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Here's Jeremy before the surgery. He started trembling because of the pain. I felt so helpless. I wanted to help so badly.

After the surgery. He felt a lot better. A different kind of pain. He also felt very tired but not sleepy. Crazy guy. I would've been out like a light after all that happened the past 24 hours.


Mark, Holly and Boys said...

Oh my gosh. So sorry you guys! I'm glad everything went well considering though. I got a giggle over him being in L&D though :) Get all the way better soon, Jeremy!!

Kymn and Tabs said...

What a busy CRAZY day, I heard that Mom said Ally had Scarlet fever! thank goodness it wasnt! I hope your little family gets all better. way to be there and support Apryl, im sure being in your 3rd trimester it wore you down too! Love ya!

CC said...

Apryl, the only reason these things happen to you is because you're the only one that can deal with them! You're amazing! Wish I could be there to help. Love you guys. Kiss my stinky brother too. I'm so glad he's okay!

Beth said...

I am so glad he is okay!