Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Jeremy!

My Rock Star!

Jeremy's birthday is today. He hit the big 3-0. I asked him awhile back if he wanted to do something big since this is a big birthday. Have a party with friends, go on a little trip, have an all day date, anything. He declined and said that it was just a regular day and he'd rather save the money for the summer. Party pooper. (Just kidding honey, it's your day to do with as you wish) He is a smart thinker though. He's just been taking it easy so far. Sometimes I wish everyday could be like today. Just relaxing around the house and enjoying life. Alas, the toils must go on. I just wanted to celebrate this special day somehow and let Jeremy know I love his guts!


Julie said...

Yeah! Happy Birthday! Somedays lazy days are the best.

Michael and Tiffany said...

I agree about the lazy days. But he already got the best thing for his birthday, which was Jonas. I am so excited to come and see you guys today and see how much that little guy has changed since Sunday.

Emily said...

Apryl! Where are the pictures of your new baby?????

(Oh, & happy birthday Jeremy!) ;)

Mark, Holly and Boys said...

Welcome to your 30's! I say that you leave all that bad luck that you've been having lately in your 20's...and enjoy this decade! (You've gotten off to a good start with Jonas!)