Tuesday, July 28, 2009

The Firecracker Game

Every year sometime between the 4th and 24th of July my family plays the Firecracker Game. It's very entertaining. You have to put in a dollar to play, you get the dollar back if you catch it but lose the dollar if you don't. What we catch is a can. You place an empty can of tomato paste inside a can of tomato sauce that only has about 1/2 an inch of water in it. You place a firecracker into a small hole that's nailed in the top of the tomato paste can. You light the firecracker and pop, the tomato paste can flies into the air. The garden and roof are out of bounds and if it goes among people it's considered a "dangerous play" and you get a redo.

Daniel looking to catch his. My dad lighting one for my niece to catch.

Jake catching it!
This year I made $1!!! Usually I end up losing money but Jeremy makes up for it and we come out even, but he couldn't make it this year so I was flying solo. My sister and her husband ended up with $14. (Cheaters! no they're just good) Last year my dad did envelopes. You caught the can, you got an envelope. The most one had was $5 and the least one had $1. But if you didn't catch it you forked over your dollar. I love this game.


Michael and Tiffany said...

That is quite the game-I never knew you guys did that. You will have to invite us over sometime to watch it or help us to set it up and do ourselves.
I am glad that your dad is in charge of it since otherwise I would be afraid of someone getting hurt (or putting tons of firecrackers in the can).

CC said...

And all these years I thought you were the one coming from the normal family...

Jeremy said...

Oh no, my dad is a really big pyro. When he was a teenager he blew his whole hand up. You could see bone in some spots, he called 911 from the basement hoping his parents wouldn't catch him, of course they did. He loves firecrackers. This is Apryl in case you couldn't tell.