Wednesday, January 13, 2010

All Aboard the Christmas Express

Our first stop......a ward Christmas party.
My dad is in the black sweater, the High Priests were playing Christmas songs with chimes.

My sister, Taba, and her son, Dane, came too. They are sitting with my mom who played an elf in her skit.

Second stop......Nativity Scene.
Ally played the angel. Dang she's cute.

Andrea (on the left) played the innkeeper. Also dang cute!

And here we have Jonas playing baby Jesus. He's pretty interested in the frankincense, or was it the gold?

At the same stop we visited Santa.

Jonas didn't cry. I was so surprised. He didn't like it and I'm sure if I left him there long enough he would've but overall it was a successful Santa visit.

Then we stopped off at Gama's.
After a delicious dinner of ham, potatoes, corn and a variety of other foods, we have Jeremy and his siblings performing the 12 Days of Christmas for their mom.
Missing in Action: Kristi.

Just hangin' out at Lori's.

And as tradition would have it, the opening of pajamas.....

..... and ornaments. Ally got a tiny tiara because she participated in Jr. Peach Queen pageant. Andie got a gold disco ball, and Jonas got a painted wooden cut-out of his hand that had his handprint on it.

Last stop.....Christmas Day.
Ally got a camera. She's always got her hands on mine and she's been wanting one for a really long time, so we gave in. She was so excited. She took a lot of pictures and 2 days later I plugged the USB cord in and it popped the little part I plug it into right inside the camera. So much for that. Luckily we still had the receipt but unluckily Santa didn't have anymore. We'll figure something out.

Andie got a Barbie horse from Santa. She was just as excited as Ally.
Jonas got a ball popper but I didn't get a picture. Sorry Jonas.

There were a few other stops but I didn't get any pictures. So that's our Christmas; fun, spiritual and rememberable.

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CC said...

I'm so happy you posted! I love it when you do because I get to see all the awesome pictures you take and I can see all of you (well, maybe you could get my bro to take a pic of you every now and then). Anyway, awesome pics. Love you all!