Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Our car is dead.
The engine seized.
Now all we have is a tiny little beat-up truck that seats 2, doesn't have a handle outside on the driver side and doesn't have a handle on the inside passenger, I'm not even going to start on the mechanical workings and how LOUD it is, oh and it has a drained battery.
We found a PERFECT minivan, yes that's right, I finally convinced Jeremy to get a minivan. A shimmery metallic red, heated leather seats, sliding doors that open with the push of a remote button, stow-and-go seating. I was in heaven just looking at it but alas, it is not meant to be.
So for the next while we are borrowing my parents truck. We barely fit, kind of. I need to hone my stick shift skills if I want to drive that monster.
I'm trying to make lemonade.


Michael and Tiffany said...

I am so sorry you guys-I can't imagine how you guys can ever get anywhere now.
I hope that the situation improves soon.
And I am proud of you Apryl for staying positive.

CC said...

Apryl that royally sucks! I am excited though, that you were able to talk Jeremy into a minivan. I think I've finally got Denver convinced-we just have to find one that we can afford.
Anyway, if anyone can make lemonade it would be you.