Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Will it ever end?

So the truck we were borrowing from my parents broke down Sunday morning at 1:30 am while Jeremy was trying to get to work. The clutch went out. So he hitched a ride to work and then hitched a ride to my brother's house to borrow his truck and help to tow my parents truck back home.

I guess it was a blessing in disguise (although I don't know why it had to involve my parents truck and why it couldn't have just happened to our car) because his boss was the one who gave him the ride to and from work. His boss, Aaron, offered to sell us his old car for a pretty good price. So....we have a working car again. Yay!! It isn't my beloved van, but it works. I still need to hone those stick skills but it is easier than the truck. Now eventually we'll fix our car and then we can have two and I'll stop begging people for rides. Let's cross our fingers this one lasts!

Pictures will be posted eventually.


CC said...

Oh how sad!!! And good! I hate cars!

Michael and Tiffany said...

Good luck with the 'new' car and getting the 'old' car fixed.
I am glad for the little blessing in disguise.