Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What once was lost..... now found.

Remember a few posts back I told you that our camera was MIA. Well about a week ago after it had been gone for about 3 weeks. Right around the same time my iPod came up missing. They were both in a car. Separate cars but the cars nonetheless. So we guess that someone had stolen them because also around the same time I found an empty gas can by the back rear tire of our broken down truck on the street one night. Weird thing is it was the opposite side of the gas tank door, but still quite curious, no? We were pretty upset about it all. I mostly wanted my camera back. The iPod was out in the car because it's always connected to a power source. It's a pretty old one and it doesn't last more than 2 or 3 songs without the battery dying. (Joke is on you whoever took it). In the back of my mind I kept hoping that maybe, just maybe, they both were lost someone in the house.

So about a week ago there was a knock at the door. Of course the girls ran to me yelling "Can I answer it?" I didn't answer yes until I was at the door with them. There were two men there. Hmm, I thought, what do they need? I open the screen door to talk to them and one of them holds up my camera. "Did you lose this?" I was so excited it took me a minute to respond. "Yes, yes, ya I did. Where? How?"

He tells me that he lives up the street and he went out to work in his yard. He was cutting back his bushes and lo and behold finds it. He looked through the pictures and finds one of my kids playing in the yard with my house in the background and remembers walking past my house. He decides to take a chance and bring it by just to see if it's ours. I am nearly speechless and all I can think to do is give him a hug. So I do. His friend laughs and I think, "I'm hugging some random stranger that probably thinks I'm nuts." I stop hugging him and turn red. After thanking him for the umpteenth time I come inside. After the 20 questions I got from my daughters, I look through the camera. I was so happy to find all my pictures still on there and the battery full.
I then call Jeremy and tell him the fantastic news. We are both flabbergasted as to how it ended up down the street in someones bushes but we are happy to have it back. No such luck on the iPod though. But like I said before, it's the camera I really wanted back.

So thank you so very much kind stranger for being honest and making our lives happier.

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CC said...

I bet the random stranger loved the hug...not everyone gets them from super cute pregnant women!!! Glad you got the camera back.