Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas Time is Here Again

I love Christmas! I'm happy when it's over because sometimes I wonder if it's worth the worry and energy and money all for one day. But it's the look on my children's faces, the season that makes me happy and the reason for the season. Everyone seems to be just a bit nicer, I love the decorations, and I love teaching my children about the birth of Christ.

Ally's beloved Twinkies, she can't get enough.

Ally's new coat!

She asked Santa for a wooden acoustic guitar. She even pointed it out at the store. It was a bit more than Santa was willing to cough up, but thanks to Santa's helper Tiffany she got a pink acoustic plastic guitar featuring Rapunzel. She was happy and has spend lots of time learning how to play it.

Andie opening presents.

Andie's new coat!

Andrea asked for Barbie with a mermaid tail. She also got the movie Barbie and her Mermaid Tail. She loves playing with her Barbie while watching the movie. Making her Barbie do Barbie in the movie does.

This was after he opened his present of Smarties and we wouldn't let him have any. I gave in.

He got Thomas the Tank Engine from Santa.
He got loads of cars.

Eating breakfast!

As a kid we would get little boxes of cereal in our stocking to eat while we waited for my grandparents to arrive.

James just relaxed all day in his cute little outfit.

The girls helped James open his Santa present.

I made this for the boys. It's a playmat of our version of Brigham. Some things are iron-ons, some are painted. Each kid has a house, there is the police station, fire station, school, courthouse, temple, tabernacle, post office, grocery store, hospital, library, church, pond, playground, grandparents and parents houses. Along with some little decorations. Jonas loves it and I'm hoping James will too.

We performed a nativity skit at my parents, here's that cast.
We also did one at Jeremy's sister's house but the pics didn't turn out so well.
And after each of the kids got to visit with Santa.

Hope your family had a good holiday season too!


Anna said...

I love Jonas' face in the smarties picture! I too gave in and the kids had chocolate for their breakfast!

Michael and Tiffany said...

I love the playmat! That is so cool Apryl. Good job on all the presents- I like that Andy has her barbie do what the one on TV does.