Wednesday, August 3, 2011

AlPiNe, Wy

Get ready for a picture overload.....
and it goes backward, sort of. There were too many pictures I didn't even want to mess with things.
The aftermath of the pie eating contest.

Pie Eating Contest Winner!!!

Jonas thought dad was being crazy.

Aggie, our dog, had an accident and somehow (we still don't know how) clipped his Achilles tendon. We couldn't afford the surgery so one of the nurses at the vet office asked us if she could adopt him. It was such a sad day. Poor Aggie, you are definitely missed!
This is Sam, Jeremy's cousin. We had a bonfire. Things didn't work out so well for Sam.
He now is home and doing better. His face and arms had 2nd degree burns and a part of one arm was 3rd degree. He had to get skin grafts on both arms. He's in a lot of pain still but getting better day by day. Don't play with fire!

Jonas and Aunt Billie, (Sam's mom) Jonas absolutely loves this wonderful woman! He calls her B-e!

We went outside to play and Jonas saw Aggie run under the deck and thought he'd try it himself.

Aunt Billie spoils us. She bought sheets and we made quilts for the girls to leave at the cabin. Above is Ally's quilt and below is Andie's. We also made two more.

Ally being forced to do dishes. This is after we made her pick up sticks in the yard. Chores still go on even if you leave your house.

Thin Ice - new favorite!

Shooting BB guns with cousin Sam

He makes this face on occasion. I think it's hilarious.

Took a jaunt up to Jenny Lake and passed the Chapel of Transfiguration. Billie and I put attending this church on our bucket list.

Playing at the lake

Lunch time at Murphy's Lake up the Gray's river.

The kids and I got to go up for about 3 weeks and spend a nice fun time. Jeremy came up for the 4 of July weekend and the Hunsaker reunion weekend. I miss it already!

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Melanie said...

I grew up with quilts like that . . . made out of sheets. Loved them!