Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ferron Mountain

This past weekend we loaded 8 people in our 6 passenger van plus all our stuff and food for 12 people - Yeah, we were super crowded. And we drove down to Ferron, Utah! We made many stops on the way, including one with an exploded diaper that ended up on the baby's face.
Don't ask.
But we got there safe and sound and had a blast! We did some hard-core camping. No running water and a hole in the ground for a potty! Luckily Jeremy's uncle fastened a toilet seat onto a chair so that was good. Thanks Bevan!

We had a big open field so we let the kids go crazy, we just had to watch out for the hundreds of cow pies. There were lots of cousins for all the kids to play with. Lots of good food, and the last day a bunch went on a 6 mile hike up the rest of the mountain.
Hike up Big Mountain

Cousins around the campfire

Scary bull that was SO LOUD!

We built some forts!

Watching the Program

Jeremy's grandmother and her sister sang this in a talent show and won 1st place! These guys learned it in about an hour. I'm impressed

On the way we saw some wind turbine.
It's so cool that we have figured how to harness the power of wind to benefit us. I love inventors!

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