Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

Yup, we visited Alpine, Wy again and loved every second.

If you have cheesy fingers you need to share them, right?

Sorry the picture is blurry but this is Jeremy's cousin, the one that got burned. He's doing much better now. The bandage changing has gone from a 3 hour ordeal to 30 minutes. And for the next year he gets to sport those awesome gloves 24/7 (except for when he gets wet.)

Jeremy jumping to get Jonas!

Well, I was feeling all sorts of bad because I didn't get a chance to run the Snake this year so Jeremy's awesome aunt Billie decided to take me and her daughter-in-law for a float down the slow part of the river on PONTOONS!!!

Jessica and me

I had so much fun!!!

(Thanks Barbie for letting me borrow your pontoon)

Billie and Jess

We decided we should make this an annual affair!

Billie also got the girls skirts with leggings. Oh you would think they had died and gone to heaven! They were ruffly, and sparkly and so fancy. The girls wore them the entire time we were up there and the next day to school.


Michael Tiffany and Tasha said...

Glad that you got to have a vacation this time (meaning no kids!)

Anonymous said...

Apryl! I loved our river adventure! I'm pretty sure I need a pontoon now and we have to do that every year! Thanks for posting the pictures, maybe one day I will get some up! haha