Wednesday, November 2, 2011

American West

The girls have a friend that had a birthday way back in September. They got invited to his party that he had at the American West Heritage Center. I just have to say, I love that place. It is so amazing. They have buildings dedicated to, what I'm afraid will someday be lost, arts. One is blacksmithing, woodwright, they have a furnished house that has no electricity or running water, they have root cellars, barns, chicken coops, looms, fire starting pits, hatchet throwing, tee pees, wash tubs, pony rides, an opera house. It makes me want to live there so I can learn how to do these amazing things and not take for granted the conveniences I have.

 They have a HUGE hill that they put plastic on for the kids to slide on. They changed it a little from last year. Apparently they had it working so well last year a few kids broke their arm.
They had a hay jump, you climb on big hay bales and jump into the hay. Pretty self-explanatory, huh. 

 Gourd launchers, so fun!

 They also had a corn maze that I got completely lost in and ended up exiting out the entrance. But they had a little maze for the kids made out of huge cardboard boxes. (You know the kind they keep pumpkins in) I wanted to climb in there with them but I'm sure I'd get a few weird looks thrown my way so I restrained myself.
 We had an awesome time, thanks Bostyn for inviting us.

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Jake ♥ Kenzie said...

Hee hee, some kids broke their arms...must have been a wicked sweet slide!