Wednesday, November 2, 2011


So I like a page on facebook. It has links to lots of coupons and freebies. They posted one that was a coupon for a free 16 X 20 poster from Wal-Mart Photo Center. So one day after church I sat them down and snapped a shot. I later went and cashed that coupon in and viola free picture. Unfortunately the frame I had that I thought was big enough wasn't. So off to D.I. I found a big frame for $1.50. It had the Ogden temple in it. Old school Ogden temple with the golden spire. The one that was also known as the birthday cake or casino. (I've heard both.) The cashier at the store told me that under no circumstance should I rid myself of that picture. It's a collector's item, he said. Sorry sir, I'm not treasuring it as you think I ought to but don't worry, I didn't throw it away.
So back to my story. I sprayed some spray paint on the frame and my finished masterpiece is now hanging in my front room!
So adorable, I'm so lucky they are mine!!!

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Beth said...

Great Picture! What a wonderful brood. And score on the picture frame!