Friday, March 9, 2012

Mr.and Mrs. Hewlett

On Leap Day, 2012, my mother-in-law got married. I was so excited for her. She has been a widow for 19 years and now she has someone to share things with. They have only been dating for about 4 months but when you know, you know. Right?!The night before the wedding we had a bachelorette party at the daughter-of-the-bride's home. Thanks Beth! All the girls were there except poor Mia and Kali. We painted nails, did face masks, had some yummy food, and had a lot of fun! The next day Jeremy drove back down to Syracuse and we hung out at Beth's until it was time to go to Draper. That's when the storm hit. Luckily we all got there safely. The ceremony and a celebration was at the home of one of the groom's daughters down in Draper. I have to say she has a gorgeous house!
As soon as we got there, pants came off. (He really leaked and I had no other pants)
Jonas was in 7th heaven. She had Thomas and Friends galore! Every Thomas toy there is, she had. Lots and lots of tracks too. Plenty for all to share!
  James enjoyed himself by wandering around smiling at everyone. Oh ya, and drooling.
This was right before the ceremony. It's some of their grandkids.
During the ceremony the kids camped out at their feet.
The new Chip and Lori Hewlett!!!
James playing with the staticky(is that even a word) flower petals.

We had such fun. Jeremy's cousin made gorgeous cupcakes. There were7 or 8 different soups with bread soup bowls. Veggie pizza, Winger's sticky fingers. The list goes on and on! Now they live down in Syracuse. Boo! That's just too far away. They are amazing people and are so happy together. I'm so happy for them because they deserve it. 

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