Monday, April 9, 2012

So Much Easter

 Waiting for the City hunt to start
 Someone was a little ornery!
 Andie was so worried she wouldn't get very much. Ha!
 Ally's findings
 With the bunny himself. Jonas wouldn't look away and James wanted to get away.
 Kenz & Jake came and helped with the kids. Thanks guys!
 Easter eggs we dyed.
What the Easter bunny brought Andie - hers was behind the couch
 Jonas's basket - front room closet under a blanket
 James' - in the cupboard he's standing in front of. He gets in there ALL the time.
 Ally's was in the garbage. The EB put it under the bag so it looked like we had a full garbage can. He's tricky, he is!
 Sunday evening at my parents house.
 Jonas wasn't so grumpy at this hunt and got a few.
 Ally concentrating on the hunt!
 James was just loving being outside. He couldn't care less about the eggs!
The cousins that participated in the hunt!


Jennifer said...

You guys did have a lot of Easter, we were out of town until Saturday night and then my kids were sick so our Easter here was a real dud. I remember doing a city hunt once as a child and it was so crowded that we didn't get anything Andie must be pretty quick.

Jake ♥ Kenzie said...

I love your kids poses with their easter eggs, lol:

Andie: Looks high while thinking her egg is the best thing in the world

Ally: "My Precious" - carefully displaying her egg under her chin

Jonas: "What the crap am I supposed to do with this stupid egg."

James: nom...nom...nom

Love 'em!! You have the cutest kids!