Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Cruise

So for my 30th birthday my amazing husband surprised me with a cruise to Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta. So. Much. Fun.  We had a few hiccups and for awhile weren’t even sure we were going to go. But, we made it, and I’m so glad we did. This is a very small sample of what I experienced but I just wanted to hit the highlights and not bore you with multiple pictures. This post with be long enough as it is. To start off we decided to book a flight on the smallest airplane I’ve ever been on.

 Then we waited in a long line to board. The Carnival Splendor. On board there were lots of fun stuff to do. My favorite was miniature golfing. While were were on our 5th round we stumbled upon a hole-in-one tournament. 
 Jeremy was one of the winners with his hole-in-one and received a 24-karat plastic gold trophy. He also one a trivia game and acquired a second trophy
 They had glass elevators that kinda freaked me out riding in them. I’m not so good with heights. They had musicals, comedians, movies, a waterslide, splash pad/playground, multiple swimming pools and hot tubs. Food was served 24/7. My mouth is watering just thinking of frozen yogurt. 
 Jeremy and I went out on the deck and right as I took this picture Jeremy saw a flying fish. 
This was our room and every night they would make things out of towels.
 We ate dinner in the restaurant every night

Our first port was Cabo San Lucas for 2 days. The first day we went to the beach so Jeremy could snorkel. We had to take a bus. Going there wasn’t too bad but coming back to the marina was a bit scary for me. It was about a 20 minute bus ride on the freeway so it was quite a ways. There also are very few bus stops signs. We got done swimming and asked a tour guide that was there were we went to catch the bus back. He said walk awhile that way under the overpass and when you see a bus wave. He will stop. We followed his instructions, and the bus driver saw us but he did not stop. So we decided to walk up the off-ramp onto the freeway.  We walked aways until we came to an emergency pull-out and stopped to rest for a minute. 2-3 minutes later we see a bus. I am waving my arms like a mad lady. Luckily this bus stops, but it is packed, so we get to stand but I don’t care. I don’t have to walk back, yipee!

Day 2 at Cabo we met a guy. He told us that he would give us a free glass-bottom boat ride to lover’s beach. All we had to do with listen to a guy for 75 minutes and take some pamphlets home. Sounded great. I could spare 75 minutes, plus they feed you breakfast. Well, it was NOT 75 minutes. I was more like 3 hours.. They were trying to sell us ownership in a hotel. It was a very pretty hotel on a very pretty beach but no thanks. After all was said and done we did get our boat ride and it was fun to see Lands' End(((-above above picture), the Arch far right, and Scooby Doo rock second from left-both above picture. But that was not how I pictured my day going. I did get to spend it with Jeremy so I was in heaven. 
Second port was Puerto Vallarta. Jeremy made some new friends there. These men, and some dolphins. Yup dolphins. We took a little boat ride across the bay to the Dolphin Adventures where we got to swim with dolphins. I was anxious until I jumped in the water with them. They are the coolest animals ever. We played with them, they showed us how fast they could swim-one almost hit Jeremy. Then one by one we each got to be kissed by a dolphin, dance with a dolphin, hold a dolphin and swim with a dolphin. The first dolphin swim you held your arms out and two dolphins swam up behind you, you hold both arms out, grab their dorsal fins and they dragged you around the tank. Then the second time the dolphin swam on her back, you held onto her flippers and you rode belly to belly. Then at the end they did tricks for us. So unbelievably amazing. We were going to buy pictures but we forgot the wallet but then later discovered that we didn't forget the wallet but it was too late to go back. So we need to call and order them. bummer.
After we swam they fed us lunch and were entertained by these iguanas.
This is just a random pirate ship we saw that we thought was nifty!  So this in a nutshell was our amazing cruise.
So this in a nutshell was our amazing cruise.


Beth said...

WHat a fun time. I am glad you got to go!

Jake ♥ Kenzie said...

Pretty sweet! May I ask why you didn't go snorkeling with Jeremy? The dolphin experience sounds SO amazing. I can't wait to see pictures...hurry up and order them!

CC said...

I've been waiting for these pics! It looks like you had an amazing time. I'm so glad that you got to go. Swimming with dolphins-that totally ROCKS!

Michael Tiffany and Tasha said...

So awesome! Hope you get the dolphin pics (so jealous).
And I am so glad that it worked out so you could go.