Monday, June 25, 2012

Lorna Clara Hadden Cullis

I've always loved her name. So beautiful, just like her. She passed away. She had cancer. There aren't words to describe how wonderful this woman is. I feel like anything I write will not do her justice. I'll try anyway, but I'm a bit scatterbrained right now.
Her life has been centered around her family. Always keeping tabs on what's going on in their lives. Even when she worked it was with family. She and her sister ran a catering business. They were good cooks. She has always been a proud Australian. We went over to visit when I was around 14 and she asked me if I knew the American national anthem. Yes, I said a bit confused. Well, since you are half Australian, do you know the Australian national anthem, too? Much to my embarrassment, I did not. So I set to work on it. It didn't take me long to learn it and I proudly sing it to my children so they know their heritage.
Whenever we'd go visit she would always be cooking, and she always had fruit on hand. She was a fruit gal. She gave great advice. Always said it with such love that you knew that she only wanted the best for you.
She loved the church. She firmly believed in the gospel and was comforted by the knowledge that she would see her husband again. It's been 2 years and 4 days, since he passed and I know that they are together, hand in hand, and happy.
I'm grateful that my husband got to meet her. She told me that he was a handsome, good man and he was lucky to have me. She made me a blanket for my babies and all of them were wrapped up in it when they were blessed. It is white and beautiful and I cherish it because it was something she made just for me. She and her husband had 6 kids, 28 grandkids and I don't even want to count how many great-grandkids. 

She was the best Nanna a girl could ever want and I miss her so much already. I'll see her again though, someday.

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CC said...

Oh Apryl, I'm so sorry. What you wrote was beautiful and you can feel what a wonderful woman she is through your words. I love you.