Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Jeremy has a cousin Barbie who is the Technical Director of the SleepBetter Institute and she was over playing with Jonas one day. She noticed how large his tonsils were and recommended that we have them checked by our doctor. We took Jonas in and our doctor asked if Jonas snored. Why yes, yes he did. He concurred with Barbie about the abnormally large tonsils and told us, "Yup, they need to come out". 2 weeks later on November 2, at 7:30am we were in the hospital outpatient area getting ready for Jonas' surgery. He had to have a  tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. They gave him a liquid medicine to drink that made him all loopy. To watch it go here. It was pretty funny to watch him. We only got a little bit because the anesthesiologist came and we had to stop recording. Then they took him away. I hate that waiting. I had to do it with Jeremy and Ally when they got their appendix out. I know they are common procedures but it still makes me anxious. They carried him back to me after about 45-50 minutes and he looked so sad and sick. He kept growling at us because he was frustrated that his throat hurt and he wanted us to make it stop, but the growling only made it worse. He was still so groggy and couldn't decide whether he wanted to go back to sleep or stay awake. The nurses made him a slushie which he loved! Jeremy and I gave him a Thomas the Tank Engine with pumpkins and he got to watch Cars. When we took him home all he wanted to do was lay on the couch and watch Cars, over and over. Nanna got him a Thomas the tank engine movie and Barbie got him a remote control truck! He did pretty good taking his Tylenol with Codine and antibiotics that first day. But that was the only day. The 2nd day he refused to take his medicine. I had to hold him down and slowly feed him his antibiotics. The Tylenol tasted disgusting and I didn't blame him for not wanting to take it but that meant his throat didn't feel better. And if it didn't feel better, it hurt to eat, so he wouldn't eat. He didn't, for 2 1/2 days. He barely drank anything too. He would point to his mouth and say "My mouth is sick mom" I was at a loss and so worried, but then, on the 4th day he woke up and asked for eggs. I made him 6. He ate 4 of them. Relief!!! Other favorites were yogurt, jello-o, pudding, Slurpees and applesauce. He wasn't too fond of Popsicle and ice cream. Maybe they were too cold. 10 days later we went in for a post-op check-up and he's doing great. He doesn't snore anymore and I swear he hears better. His speech has improved too. Our doctor told us it was going to be a week from heck and he was right but Jonas has improved so much it was worth it!

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