Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Primary Party

Last Saturday my ward had a Primary water party. They had a couple of games and there was lots of fun!

In this game you grabbed a water balloon, ran to the chair and sat on it until it popped. The balls were small and the chairs padded so they didn't pop very easily but when they did the looks on their faces were so funny!

The infamous water volleyball, we didn't have enough kids to play a game so they just practiced catching and throwing.

There was a game where you threw some sponges through some holes of a piece of plywood that was painted as a whale.

The kids had fun and we all got Otter pops afterward. Yum!


Beth said...

Too cute! I love your new background. I miss you guys, I hope to see you before Peach Days

Julie and Zane Family! said...

Your kids are so adorable. I can't believe how much they have grown.