Friday, August 29, 2008


Last Wednesday Jeremy and I had a date. We went to visit his mom who has been having a tough week and then off we went to The Olive Garden. I was so excited. I got a garlic alfredo pasta dish, and then a pumpkin cheesecake. So Good! Then he and Andie went to Sports Authority while Ally and I went to Old Navy. I love that store. I just got some flip flops because I couldn't find mine. (I found them later that day, hee hee) but they really were lost. Then we went Disc Golfing. I had never done it before but we just went to the city office building pay $5 and they give you 12 discs to play with at John Adam's Park. I lost badly but it was really fun.

We got the pavers for the pavillion. Jeremy actually has most of them in but I haven't gotten a picture yet.

My parents and little sister have been in Australia for about 3 weeks now and we usually have Family Home Evening with my siblings at my parents house every Sunday night but they left so we've been having it at other's houses. This one was taken at my brother's house. They have a daughter right in between that ages of my two girls so they all dressed up in princess outfits. They love princesses.

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