Saturday, August 2, 2008


This is the cabin. It's one of our favorite places in the world. No phone, no TV, no computer, nothing electronical. It's so beautiful and relaxing. We got to go for almost 2 weeks.

We went to the Hunsaker reunion, there were lots of people, they have games and races. This one was a pop chug. Jeremy tried it out but the tab on his pop can wouldn't open. He tried poking it with his finger but to no avail.

We went swimming down on an old road that's been flooded, you can walk forever and it slowly gets deeper. It was pretty warm too.

I thought this was a cute picture of my girls.

The river and lake were up really high this year. I've never seen it that high. Jeremy said he hasn't seen it that high since before his mission. It pushed a lot of driftwood to the shores.

We get to go down the river every year for the reunion and we have a tradition that we have to register ourselves to The Great Kahuna of the Snake River. You have to hold up your paddle/hands and say "Oh Great Kahuna, followed by your name and address". That way he knows who you are and you won't be thrown out of the boat.

I know, I know I'm a wuss. I opted to wear a wet suit. I'd never worn one before and the water was pretty chilly. I got harassed but I stayed warm, it was so worth it.

Near the end of the first trip we took we looked over and saw a moose. Usually you see osprey and even a bald eagle but moose not so much. It was amazing.

Jeremy's aunt Billie took the girls while Jeremy and I went a hikin'. She got some nice shots of the girls having fun.

This is Inspiration Point. Can you guess how it got its name? It was so gorgeous up there. I'm so glad I live close enough to the Grand Tetons to enjoy them.

This was right after the shuttle boat trip that took us from the south dock to the west dock of Jenny Lake.

Those are majestic mountains. I was lucky to get to hike around a bit on them. That man is pretty handsome too!

We also got to hike to Hidden Falls. It was really nice, the falls gave gusts of cool moist air that felt so good.

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Beth said...

I am so jealous! I wish I could have gone to the cabin. It looks like you had so much fun! Maybe next year, but I won't be going down the river if I have my way ;)