Saturday, August 2, 2008

Zoo Trip!

Every year for my niece's birthday we go to the zoo. These are most of her cousins all lumped together in this boat they had on display.

The girl's favorite thing is the train ride. Toot toot!

Andie got a hoot out of this ball. She thought she was pretty cool when she figured out she could move the huge thing with without anyone's help.

That's how my little ones compare to a gorilla. Intimidating!

I had to get proof for Jeremy with this picture. Allyson hates masks. She screams bloody murder and literally shakes when she sees anyone with a mask on. But I guess when she puts one on it's a whole different story. Crazy kid!

The Ghost of the Bayou. I guess there are only about 10 of these in existence. I count myself pretty lucky that I got to witness it, I guess.

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Beth said...

How fun! I can't believe Ally put a mask on. Maybe because it wasn't a scary liberal like Bill Clinton.

Too cute