Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas is Coming!

Every year my parent's ward has a Christmas party. My ward does too and it's fun but their ward has something our ward doesn't. That is Santa Claus. I like getting a picture of the girls every year with Santa. This is the first year at least one of them hasn't cried. They were really excited to see him. They were consistant with that they wanted too. Ally wants Barbie and the Christmas Carol movie and a "real doll". Andie wanted a "real doll" too and a dog. I'm pretty sure Santa got the right "doll" and the movie, but I had to let Santa know that a dog was not coming to our house. Not that I don't like dogs, I like them better than cats. I'm just not ready for a dog yet.

The girls sang a duet at my parents ward. They sang "Santa Claus is Coming to Town". They did a really good job and the whole audience was silent through the whole thing. They love singing in microphones.
Then after all the skits the Primary got up and sang two Christmas song. They said all the Primary age kids so I sent Ally up knowing she'd do fine. Andie started throwing a little fit and wanted to go up so I sent her up a minute after Ally but before they were ready to sing. Andie couldn't get up to the front with Ally so she tried to find a way up to the front another way. Next thing I know she's peeking her head out behind the curtains on the side. She still couldn't get through but I was laughing so hard I was lucky the picture wasn't anymore blurry than it is.
I ended up finding her hiding behind the curtains in the back crying. I felt so bad for her but she cheered up as soon as she heard that Santa was coming.

Andie was playing Santa. She really only meant to have Ally sit on her lap but Jeremy couldn't pass up the opportunity to tell "Santa" his Christmas list.

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