Saturday, December 20, 2008


So last week on Thursday we went in to have an ultrasound. I had this plan that I wouldn't let Jeremy find out what the gender was and then give him a dress or a suit for Christmas (whichever gender the baby was) to tell him. He didn't want me to get him any gifts so I thought this was be a fun way for him to find out. I had letter all written out to give to the ultrasound technician and I thought I was going to pull it off and be all tricky. He never lets me surprise him. For our first Christmas, on Christmas day, he admitted that he went through the house and found all his presents before I wrapped them. He's done it every year since, the stinker!

Well we get to the hospital and I give the letter to the technician and wink as I tell her it's from the doctor. She totally doesn't get it, gets this confused look on her face and asks "What?" So she reads it and afterward says "So, do you want me to take a picture or something, I don't understand?" I get so embarrassed, take the paper away to hide it, and I turn red. Thankfully she drops it and proceeds on. Unfortunately the baby was shy and stubborn. She got everything done she needed to do but she could not find out what it was. She had me turn on both sides, she wiggled the sensor thing around, I even got to empty my bladder but nothing. She told us she hadn't ever seen a baby be this stubborn, and she wanted to say it was a girl but it moved it's legs just enough that she couldn't tell it if was the cord she was seeing or little boy parts. She also told us she was curious enough that we should come back next week for a free gender check! What a sweet lady. Jeremy asks what the letter was all about after we get out of the hospital and I admit my plan to him, he laughs and tells me it serves me right for trying to trick him.

So the next week we go back. The darn kid was being so stubborn again. She shook the sensor thing again trying to get the baby to move. Finally after about 20 minutes she says. "Aha, so you guys are sure you want to know what you're having?" I almost shouted yes. Then she announced we are having a boy. She got a few pretty good shots of him showing himself off after that. I knew it. Jeremy and I have had a bet this pregnancy. I said boy, he said girl. I won!
I went directly to the store and bought him a little suit to wear to church that they only sell at Christmas (so my sister says, I'll trust her and not take any chances). They only had 6-9 months but I bought it anyway. This morning I found my 3-year-old daughter parading around in it minus the onesie. She was dancing around in the little pants, vest and tie. Crazy girl!


Mark, Holly and Boys said...

Congratulations, you guys! I'm excited for you to do the baby boy thing now! Every baby is a blessing, but since I've only done boys so far...I'm the first to give my totally unbiased opinion & say that little boys are the best!!! :)

Matthew said...

Congrats! Can't wait to meet your little man!

Sounds like you have a fun New Year's planned. Are you driving? You should totally stop by on your way home, we're right off the freeway. You're welcome to just make a potty-stop or stay overnight if you want to.

Kymn and Tabs said...

Yeah! I agree!!! little boys are the best AND i still have NOT been peed on yet! dad has though.
-hee hee hee

Julie and Zane Family! said...

Congrats! I am so happy for you guys. Boys are fun you will love it! Too bad your plan didn't work for Christmas that was so creative.

Heather said...

Congrats on the BOY!! You should have taken a pic of her dancing in the suit hahaha!!