Saturday, January 24, 2009

Puerto Penasco

We went to Mexico again this year for new years. Jeremy and I drove with Jeremy's sister Tiffany and her husband, Michael. We started out Monday, when Jeremy got off work. We dropped the girls off at my mom's (only teared up this time instead of full-out crying) and headed off. Then the morning of the 31st we met up with everyone else in Phoenix, rented a big 15 passenger van and drove into Mexico. We rented a Villa right on the beach that was about 15 minutes away from the city. It was so nice and warm there. It averaged around 73 degrees. T-shirt and capri weather, in December/January. I want to go back now just thinking about it.
This is the Villa we stayed in. It slept 20 people, 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 4 kitchens. It was huge!
Jeremy, Barbie, and Chet relaxing in the Villa.
Sam, Red, myself, and Jeremy. Can you guess which one of us is really pregnant?

Jeremy wiggled his feet into the sand.
We found a sea cucumber. I took us a while to realize what it was. It was weird, it started out hard and then slowly wrapped around your hand. Jacoby was holding it when it peed.
Michael and Tiffany making sand castles.
"Playing" in the sand. I have no idea why Sam is sitting on Jeremy.
We wrote the baby's name in the sand using seashells. We did this last year with our girls.
On the last day we were there it got pretty windy so a bunch of people decided to go boogie boarding.

Jeremy and Chet along with his son Sackett taking a run on the beach together.

In the city.
We had a bonding moment. Quite a few of us decided to get henna tattoos. They came off in 15 days. We got the same tattoo. It said "Hecho in Mexico" with an eagle head on it.
We had to wait and let it dry 15. Jeremy ended up accidentally smearing his with his hat. Good thing it was temporary.

After our bonding moment we all went to get ice cream. Yummy!

These are some of the little shops we went to. You found something you wanted and then bartered with the people selling it. I wasn't very good. Although I did talk one guy down from $20 to $11 for 2 magnetic necklaces.

We played on the beach, went shopping in the little market they have, ate tons of good food at the taquerias and other various restaurants and had a little show of fireworks, although we got yelled at, "No Fireworks!". That's the life. Too bad it was short-lived. On Saturday Jeremy's awesome cousin, Barbie, who planned this whole thing, arranged for 2 masseuses, and 2 pedicurists and a couple of horses to come. The kids rode the horses while the adults enjoyed the pampering. I got one of each. We only had one big mishap and that was Chet getting stung by a sting ray. Man that looked painful. The woman we rented the house from said that was really rare for this time of year. Luckily she was there and took him to the Red Cross. We took a lot of pictures and agreed to share them all. I thought about waiting to get my disc with everyone's pictures before I posted because they have pictures of me. I was always the one behind the camera in all of our pics but I couldn't wait. Maybe I'll post some more later. We stayed until Sunday morning bright and early, 5ish is when we took off and we didn't get home until 11pm. That was a long day. I had a total blast this year. Jeremy has already signed us up for next year. The earlier we sign up and the more that sign up the cheaper it is. We'll have an 8 month old baby by next New Years so maybe I'll have to send Ally with him. We'll see.


Michael and Tiffany said...

Seeing these pics makes me want to go back-badly. Especially since it has been raining these past few days.

Kymn and Tabs said...

It looks like you had SUCH a fun time! i keep trying to talk Kymn into taking me on vacation...we've never been on one together! (someday) as far as the pregnant picture goes... I think RED look the most proggo! =)

Shultzybabe said...

How fun!! And good job on the bartering. I'm really good at that!!