Friday, January 9, 2009

Ally is 5!

Wow, time flies by way too fast. I can't believe I have a five-year-old. I think I said that last year about having a four-year-old. It was hard to believe then, but now things are happening that make this change seem even more significant. This year she's joined AYSO and is excited about playing soccer with her cousin, Larisa. She's in CTR 5 at church so she's no longer in my class. (I have Andrea in my class now). She'll get to be in the Junior Peach Queen Pageant, and, (I know it's not til fall so I still have a while) she'll be in kindergarten. I think I'll have some separation anxiety then. I've always been able to go and do things with her and now she gets to go and do things without me. She's growing up and I need to get used to it.

Our newborn baby girl at the hospital. She's so tiny, I can't believe how much she's grown!

Ally at age 1. We got this blow-up bounce house thing from Jeremy's sister and she loved it until it got a few holes in it. Every time we'd fix one another one would appear.

Ally, 2 1/2, at Willow Park playing on the playground.

This is just before her 3rd birthday. She got this princess costume for Christmas and didn't take it off for quite a while. She's always loved princess things. Give her anything princessy and you'll be her new best friend.

This is on her birthday last year when she turned 4. She got to choose what she wanted for lunch and as you can tell, she chose "Donalds". She chose it this year too but alas our McDonalds is being rebuilt and won't be up and running til spring. Daddy talked her into eating at Olive Garden. We'll see how that goes.

This is her birthday today. She got lots of presents. Her favorite was a princess castle alarm clock. It plays Cinderella music and projects stars on the ceiling.

I'm so grateful that she chose to come to our family. I'm grateful that Heavenly Father sent her to us. She is so smart, creative, beautiful, compassionate, talented, grateful, playful, and the list can go on and on forever. I love her so much and am so blessed just to know her. Happy 5th Birthday Ally Jo, I love you!


Anonymous said...

Tell her happy birthday from us!!!

Julie said...

Happy Birthday Ally! They grow up so fast!

Your new llittle one is sooo cute!

Kymn and Tabs said...

Cute pictures of her life so far! are you doing presents at moms on sunday? I couldnt' come to the movies cause I was babysitting and they werent picked up till 6:30. I do have a present for her... AND YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLS!

Michael and Tiffany said...

I can't believe that she is already 5 and going to be playing soccer! She is such an adorable little girl and I always love seeing her and Andy. I can see why you are a little sad at her growning up and doing things without you-