Monday, February 23, 2009


We decided to go sledding. We haven't been yet this season and thought it was about time. We just went to John Adam's Park. The day was just right, still a lot of snow but the sun was out helping us keep warm.
Here's a close-up of Ally just before going down the hill.
Here's one of Andie spinning down the hill with a big ole grin on that little face of hers.

Here's a picture of a few of the people that went. We had a pretty big group. My parents came and took pictures. My brother, his wife and son showed up. My sister and her boyfriend. My sister-in-law and her kids, and my other sister and her little boy. It was tons of fun.

Larisa, Andie, Ally getting ready to be pushed down the hill by Tabitha.

Tabitha, Andie and Ally walking back up. Usually they carried their own sled back up. I thought I was going to have to take a lot of trip walking up and down the hill retrieving sleds but I was wrong. They held their own.

Kenzie, Ally and Andie walking back up the hill.

There were a few jumps at the very bottom of the hill. Ally jumped off one. She seemed ho-hum about it. Andie jumped off quite a few. The first time she did I thought, "Oh no, she's gonna cry." But to my big surprise she stood up with the biggest grin on her face. From then on she tried to hit the jumps. Then she asked my brother, Daniel, to spin her while pushing her down the hill. My little dare devil.

After sledding we played a little in the yard. I taught the girls how to make snow angels. Not bad for her first try!

We forgot to take the screen off the trampoline this year (who am I kidding, we haven't done it for the past 3 years) and it started sagging because there was so much snow on it. So the girls took it upon themselves to get the snow off!

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Kymn and Tabs said...

it was fun, I had a good time! The last time i went sledding was when i was in young womens! (14 or 15 i think) anyway, next year i'll have to go more, cause Dane seemed to really like it!