Monday, February 23, 2009

Our Anniversary!

Note: This is sappy. You have been warned.
So yesterday (2/22) was our anniversary. Jeremy had to work until around 11:45am (he starts at midnight) so when the girls and I came home from church he was fast asleep. The girls and I ate creamy potato soup with rolls (I love Bear Creek soup), read books, snuggled and watched a movie until around 6ish. Then Jeremy awoke and we went to my parents house for Family Home Evening. We talked awhile and then played Aggravation with my mom, sister and her boyfriend. Then came home. While he took some more online Real Estate classes (only about 11 more to go! that's why I haven't updated lately) while I put the girls to bed and fell asleep watching a movie. So nothing to write home about but we are going to the movies on Tuesday for our anniversary so that'll be fun.

I just wanted to write and tell some of the reasons I love my amazing man. I love how spontaneous he can be. It has mellowed a lot since we've had kids but every once in a while he surprises me. I love how hard he works for us. I don't like the fact the he has to, but the fact that he does it because he loves us so much is what I love. I love that he can do anything he puts his mind to. Whether is full-blown construction projects, planning everything from here to the moon, furthering his education, fixing little things around the house, or whatever he has on his mind. I love how he can make me smile, no matter what. I love all his many talents and that he's always helping me be better and try new things I probably would never try on my own. I love his enthusiasm, his laugh, and his strength. Not just physical but emotional. He always has his head on straight and knows just what to do to make people happy. These have been some of the best years and hardest times of my life but I'm grateful I've gotten to share it all with him. I love you very much Jeremy. Happy 8th Anniversary!


Michael and Tiffany said...

YAY! for you being my sister for 8 Years! I can't believe how young you two look in those pictures-you are such a young woman and I am amazed at the woman/wife/mother you have become. I am so grateful that you decided to marry my weird brother and are now sealed to me and my family. You are such a sweet and gentle spirit Apryl and I love you very much and hope you know that you are my sister in every way. Thank you for joining our family and making my brother a better and happier man.
And thank you Jeremy for taking care of your beautiful wife and lovely girls. I am so excited that you will now be getting a boy that you can rough-house with and teach to do all the things that little boys need to know to get into mischief.
I love you Hunsakers and the family that you started 8 years ago.

Emily said...

Happy Anniversary! Apryl, I'm so glad you're a part of this crazy family too! Hopefully we'll get a chance to see you this summer.