Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Andrea is 4!

This is the day she was blessed. She's about 2 months

My "baby" is turning 4 today. Well I guess my "baby" is negative 2 months but he doesn't count quite yet. Andie is my youngest still and she's four now. I was going through pictures trying to find which ones I wanted to put on the blog and I notice from age 2 til now she hasn't changed much. At least in looks, to me anyway. I know she has but maybe I'm just in denial and I'm tricking myself into thinking that she'll always be my little girl, that she'll never change or grow old.

Just after she turned one. Isn't she a doll!

This is Easter day not long after she turned 2.

She is getting to be a big girl though. She's starting to help out around the house a lot more. I always would ask Ally because she was older and understood quicker and then it turned to a habitual thing. "Ally will you please get...." but Andie is getting to be a big help to me as well. Sometimes thing still overwhelm her but she's learning patience as well as many other things.

She's 3 here playing with my sister's dog.

Andie isn't my social bug. She likes to keep to herself or play with those she knows well, but she is daring. She loves jumping off things and trying new things out. She loves to color and is very imaginative. I'm so grateful she came to our family. She was our surprise and we are so happy she is our daughter. We love everything she is and know she is and can become something amazing. Happy Birthday Tum-tum!
My big 4-year-old.


Kymn and Tabs said...

that last picture was so dang cute! she looks a lot like you Apryl!

Julie said...

Oh My Gosh! They are so big and just as beautiful as ever! I can't believe how fast they grow up. Miss you girl!