Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Time!

We had a pretty good Easter. Andie is sick, not too sick, but sick enough to stay home from church. Jeremy came home for lunch (8:30am for him) and slept a little. The girls woke up just in time for him to go back to work. Poor timing, I know. Ally, the little stinker, saw hers right away. The Easter bunny hid it in the window sill and didn't take into account that the sun would be shining the next morning, making a perfect silhouette of a basket on the drapes. Andie took a little longer and needed a little help. Here she is checking under the TV with no luck.Yesterday we went to the Kiwanis egg hunt at Pioneer Park before Ally's soccer game. The girls had fun and got a handful or two of candy. I asked the girls if the wanted a picture with the Easter bunny. Ally did but Andie didn't want anything to do with him. I guess he is pretty creepy looking. We didn't get too much from the rabbit because we didn't need to much. No dresses this year. They did get new shorts/capris and flip-flops along with a little game each and the ever-present candy.
Later on in the evening we went to Family Home Evening at my parents house. They had a little Easter egg hunt there too.

Ally went and looked in the garden and found a real egg about a foot away from the chicken coop.

Then we took a picture of the cousins that came.

As you can see, we had a pretty fun time.


Michael and Tiffany said...

I think Andie is just plain afraid of people dressed up since she didn't want a picture with Belle and the Beast either. I am glad to see that you all had a fun Easter. I also like that Ally found a real egg and has a quizical look on her face in the picture-priceless.

Kymn and Tabs said...

it was fun watching all the kids hunt for eggs! im so glad I get to me home for all this stuff now! woo hoo!