Sunday, April 12, 2009

Kindergarten Roundup!

We went to Kindergarten Roundup! Ally thought she was hot stuff and kept telling everyone "This is my school" They took her to get her hearing and sight tested. They also asked her questions to find out how much she knows. She counted to 20 for them, (she seems to always skip either 15 or 16, not both just one or the other). She told them the names of the letters in the alphabet and she wrote her name for them. I stayed back and filled out a lot of paperwork. She got some pamphlets and she seemed really excited about starting school. (I hope it lasts for the next 12 years). They had a book fair going on so we peeked in there and purchased a few.

Ally saw this bench, quickly sat down, and asked me to take her picture. She's a funny kid but I love her to death. I'm excited and yet sad to see her grow older.


Kymn and Tabs said...

thats fun! you'll prob. be happy to have her in school once Jonas arrives. only time will tell

Michael and Tiffany said...

It's so exciting that the girls are growing up.
I love that the girls are such posers for pictures. It makes taking pictures that much easier.

CC said...

Ally in kindergarten! Wow. I'm old. Not as old as my brother though, he's like days away from being 30! I wonder if he's up to having another baby...good thing you're still young and strong Apryl-you'll have a lot on your plate with all the little ones and a decrepit old man as your husband.

Julie said...

Bitter Sweet! It sounds like you have done a wonderful job preparing her for school!