Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Amazing Times

So the past two weeks have been GREAT!!! Jeremy got off work Monday, took a nap, and after a quick stop at my cute nephew's 2nd birthday party we were off to Alpine Junction, Wyoming. We stayed until the next week's Friday so 11 days of perfect weather, beautiful scenery, and fantastic people. The first weekend was the Hunsaker Reunion so we were kept pretty busy. I went up hoping to go down the river once. Not getting my hopes up too high just in case it wasn't possible. Jeremy always goes down every trip because he know the river so well and he's a strong paddler and swimmer. But lucky lucky me got to go 4 times. I cannot thank Jessica and Billie enough. Between the two of them they either watched or found someone to watch all 3 kids every time I went. And I loved every minute of it, even when Jeremy pulled me into the cold 57 degree water.
Jeremy, Sam, Billie, Jessica and Dan

Paying homage to the Great Kahuna

On one of the trips we forgot to bring bailers with us so we had to stop and dump out the swimming pool that was accumulating in the bottom of the boat.

Rope - My personal favorite part of the river. Not too big but big enough and long so you can enjoy all the ups and downs.

Sometimes we stop in Champagne to jump off the cliff. There are some parts in Champagne that they haven't found the bottom. This is Jeremy doing a flip!

In amongst all the floats we had a Reunion. It's called the Hunsaker Reunion because it's the descendants of Franklin Hunsaker but out of all these people.....
.....these are the only ones that were born with and still have the last name of Hunsaker. Jeremy, Bill, Ally, Andie, and Jonas. Bill is Jeremy's grandfather's uncle. Alive and kicking, he participated in the potato sack race. There are a handful more but they weren't able to come this year. In fact there were quite a few descendants that couldn't come. Oh well, there's always next year.

Ally jumping in her potato sack.

Balloon Toss

Ally and Andie decided to get Sam.

As it got dark, we broke out the glow sticks. Can you tell Andie really likes hers? There's a huge firework display but I missed it this year because Jonas got hungry. He really likes fireworks.
Dan and Billie have 4-Wheelers that the girls love to ride.

Rocking to get my baby boy to sleep.

We tried to take the girls swimming, they went once and didn't seem too eager to go again. So we set up shop in the front yard using a mini boat, they seemed to enjoy that a bit more but Ally still thought the water was too cold for her.


CC said...

I am so jealous! Thanks for posting all the pictures though, helps me feel as if I'm not missing everything. You guys all look great. Kiss those 3 kids of yours for me-Heck you can even hug my brother I miss him too.

Beth said...

Awesome pictures!

Maybe next year...