Sunday, July 12, 2009


Wow, we had so much going on this past Saturday. It's my niece's birthday and every year we all celebrate it by going to the zoo. Unfortunately we couldn't go because so many things were going on today. We passed up on the zoo to go to the Nelson family reunion. Jeremy's maternal grandparents. So a bunch of his cousins and their kids, and aunts and uncles, just a big bunch. We mingled, ate, played volleyball, had a little entertainment and mingled some more. It was really fun to see everyone and talk about memories. While we were there Jeremy's cousin from the other side called to see what we were up to that day. His sister, from Virginia, was in Northern Utah and they were going to stop by for a visit. Plus they have 2 twin boys a year older than Jonas and they are awesome and give us all their old clothes that their kids have outgrown. Sitting around listening to Grandpa Nelson tell stories.
We got home from that around 7ish and I realized that our Elder's Quorum party started at 6. We drove down there, had ourselves a quick bite, and played some water baseball. It looked fun but Jonas was being grumpy so I entertained him instead. Busy, but very fun day!
(baseball in the upper right hand corner)
It's a swing and a hit.
Sliding home.

Jeremy playing second in his "sexy" shirt. I just love him to pieces!!!

Dripping wet Elise and her daughter Brooklyn.
Oh and I completely forgot about my free 7.11 ounce Slurpee. Dang!

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