Sunday, July 12, 2009

Here Comes the Bride

My sister got married!!! She met this handsome fellow in high school, they dated a few times, he went on a mission and she went to college. Years later they met up, had a few more dates, and long story short, they were wed!

The Beautiful Couple!!!
My baby boy Jonas.

The devilishly handsome groom with his blushing bride. They got to get married in the tabernacle. They are temple worthy but under their specific circumstances they weren't able to, so they asked about the tabernacle. Many a bishop didn't know the answer but they decided yes. Up until then I didn't know anyone who got married in any tabernacle. Pretty cool.

Let us in!!!

Here is Jake and Kenzie with all the kids who came.
It started out a beautiful day, couldn't get any better. We had the wedding, had the wedding luncheon at The Lodge around 2 but then after that Mother Nature decided to be a bit mean. It started raining. It wasn't cold, just windy and wet. The reception was going to be at my brother's yard. They'd been preparing it for months. Planting flowers, new sod, lights on all the trees, just to mention a few things. About an hour and a half before the reception started we decided to take it to the church cultural hall. It was rushed. It still looked pretty good for 1 1/2 hours of work. It had stopped raining by then but a few people stopped at the house and they said it was still pretty wet, so the right call was made.
They fruit kabobs and snow cones for refreshments, and took off to San Diego and Disneyland for their honeymoon. (I'm so jealous). All in all it was a fine day!!!

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