Sunday, July 12, 2009

Oh Say, Can You See?

I love the 4th of July. What's not to love about it? It's sunny outside, BBQs are always involved, and who can say no to family and fireworks? My sister and her family used to do an Extravaganza every year since they were first married. But they past few years they weren't up to it but this year they started it up again. YAY!!! I love it. They have lots of games and prizes and of course a big barbeque. This year both my girls won prizes.
They had a seed spitting contest. It is harder then it looks. I only got one seed in. But I tied for first with the adults.

Andie won Plinko, thank you Wheel of Fortune. She got the highest number possible (250) plus a fun size candy bar. My kids rock.

Ally won the game where you stand on a state name written in chalk and by the process of elimination she was the last girl standing.

Another game is a three-legged race, at the end of the race you had to do a flag puzzle.
Jonas had a little mixture of patriotism going on. He's part Australian and that's the closest patriotic thing I could find. I added the all-American past time blanket as well.

They had 10 games, not to mention a few kid games and every year the last game is the Balloon Battle. You pin a balloon to the back of you and you get toothpicks. Then you chase each other around and try to pop their balloons. One year my brother-in-law got a toothpick in the arm. Yikes!! Everyone played and then we let just the kids play.

Then off to Pioneer Park we went to watch the fireworks. That was the one downside to the day. Both girls had to go to the bathroom, at separate times, of course. The bathroom lines, I should say the port-a-potty lines were HUGE, plus no toilet paper. Ugh! Oh well, all the good things over-shadowed it, and it ended up being an awesome day.

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