Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rafting, rafting and more rafting

I don't think I could ever get enough river rafting. We were able to take my side of the family up to Alpine this past week (with a few exceptions, 2 sisters +their families, and my bro, sorry guys maybe next time) It was a lot of fun.

Jeremy, cousin-Jason, sil-Laura, dad, mom and bro-Dan
Jeremy, me, Jason, bro-Micah, his neice-Jayda, cousin-Erin, Micah's fil-Jack, Laura, Dan just after Lunchcounter.
Mom, Jack, sister-Kenz, sil-Bridi, Jayda, bil-Jake, Micah
Jason and Jeremy diving off the cliff into Champagne
Jack, mom, Jason (raising the paddle NOT oar(there is a difference)), Jake, Micah
Dad, Jeremy, Jason, Laura, me, mom, and Dan in Kahuna right after my dad fell out of the boat. We got him back in before we hit Lunchcounter.
Mom, Laura, and Dad just after we pulled him back in. The water was surprisingly chilly for August.
The first day day Jeremy and Dan floated with a different group so me and Laura and the kids went to Afton, WY to grab a few things and play. This is my nephew Cody sitting in front of Ally and Andie.
Andie thought the antlers were cool.
All 3 got a kick out of this huge wood carved bear, they are each in their own stage of growling like the bear.
The Friday night most of us went to the Bar-J Wranglers Chuckwagon in Jackson Hole to eat. They provided us with dinner and entertainment for the night. It was really fun. It said fun for the whole family but Jeremy's aunt recommended that we not bring kids, she was right.


Michael and Tiffany said...

Oh man-I miss Alpine.
I haven't been since I got married-which is now two summers in a row.
I am glad that your fam could go up there and enjoy it.
Looks like you had tons of fun too while you were there.

Beth said...

Wow, you had quite the group!

Looks like fun!