Sunday, August 23, 2009

Some Odds and Some Ends

Ally using an assortment of things she found around the house. A little weird? ....I think so.
Jonas, the little stinker, will smile ALL the time but whenever I whip out the camera to take a few candids he gets this look on his face while he focuses on the camera. It doesn't help that my camera is bright metallic blue. I'll get a smile one of these days just you wait!!!

Andie is climbing the doorway. We used to do this all the time as kids and my girls have been doing this for quite a while but it still scares me just a bit when they jump back down. I'm waiting for the day when I hear a crack when they land as their ankle breaks or something. I'm a little paranoid about things like that.

A while ago we had a HUGE thunderstorm that lasted the entire night. The next evening the sun was red. Creepy isn't it? I guess there were a bunch of fires that were started by the lightening that discolored the sky for the day, but boy was it eerie!

1 comment:

Michael and Tiffany said...

That is funny about Jonas and the camera. Good luck with that.
And Ally looks awesome as an alien princess/clown or whatever she was calling herself-i love her creativity.
I don't blame you for being nervous. Just when I babysit the kids I am afraid whenever they might do something that might hurt them-I can't imagine having them all the time doing all sorts of crazy things.
Glad to see you are all well.
Love you Hunsakers!