Tuesday, September 15, 2009


I actually got it awhile ago but I've been really really bad at posting but I was so excited when he finally cooperated. It's certainly not his first and it definitely won't be his last but I finally got a picture of Jonas smiling really big. Like I mentioned in a previous post, Jonas would smile and play but whenever I'd whip out my bright blue camera he'd get a mesmerized look on his face and the smile would be gone. But I was quick! He went in and was weighed today, 3 days of shy of his 5th month mark and he is 24 inches long and an even 12 pounds. He can roll over, he's getting pretty good at grabbing things if you put them right in front of him and the other day I got him to balance himself upright. Not really a sit but close to it. Where has the time gone?

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CC said...

I can't beleive that grin! It's amazing-Love it!