Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Snake

The girls were out jumping on the tramp when I hear a shout, "SNAKE" I rush out there to find Andie on the tramp in hysterics and Ally just jumping like nothing out of the ordinary has happened. Ally claims to have seen nothing but Andrea promises me that she saw a snake and pointed toward a tree and told me that it went that way. I do a quick scan over the general area and find nothing, go inside and 2 minutes later I see our neighbor's son by the same tree peeking around. I sent Jeremy out there and sure enough there was a snake. It was just a garter snake but still a snake nonetheless. Jeremy caught it and deposited it in the middle of the road where another neighborhood boy promptly tries to catch it so he could keep it. Crazy boys!

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Kami said...

I hope Jeremy was the one that took this picture. that is way too close for comfort. I love the pic below of Jonas. Such a happy smile. Don't you just love babies??