Friday, September 18, 2009

Peach Days!

This year for Peach Days Allyson and her cousin Larisa were able to be in the Jr. Peach Queen pageant. I remember being in it when I was 5 and I liked it. It's open to all the 5-year-old girls in Brigham City. You get to dress up like a princess and you get a necklace, a crown, and you get to ride in both the jr. parade and the big parade.
Our 2 Jr. Peach Queens!

At the pageant you get escorted out, you are suppose to stand and wait for the Peach Queen to come to you and put the necklace on but Ally was so excited she went to her and make sure to curtsy to her before she got her necklace.

Then she went back to her escort and started blowing kisses to the audience.

Then she gave our secret sign that means "I love you" and blew some more kisses. Everyone laughed because she was the only girl to do anything like that. Gotta love her!

They all came back on stage and sang "What's More American"

I'd like to give a big thanks to those who got footage and pictures of Ally, my camera does not zoom very well and most of my pictures were either dark or blurry so.... Thank You!

These were all the girls that were in it this year. There were 50!

Then they had the royalty from last year pick the royalty for this year. They pick the names out of a big glass bowl. Ally's name didn't get picked and if you look close you can see how disappointed she was. Poor Ally but I told her she still gets to ride in the parade and she was a lot happier after that.

She rode in the Jr. parade but Saturday morning I went to wake her up to get ready for the big parade and she opted out. Funny girl. She said her dressed was itchy. I guess it worked out for the best because she got candy and I didn't have to haul my 2 other kids 4 blocks and back to pick her up.

She still got to wear her heart necklace and crown to the parade.

Here is Andie enjoying her pizza. I had a gyro, it was good. Peach days was fun this year, we didn't do much because pushing around a stroller is tricky with all the people you have to maneuver around but it's fun seeing people you haven't seen for a while. I can't wait til next year!

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Beth said...

So cute. I really wanted to be at Peach Days this year, but oh well.

I will be there next year for Andie's Peach Queen debut!