Monday, December 14, 2009

Gingerbread Houses

My sisters decided that we needed more Christmas traditions on our side of the family so they threw together our first gingerbread house contest. We weren't going to make it at first because we were going to go to our nephew Beckett's blessing but with the snow storm and icy roads it got postponed.
Starting the shindig!
Brandy's house. She cheated and used Masonite instead if graham crackers but it turned out way cute!
My Ziploc bag broke so I used my finger to apply the frosting. My dad thought one of the kids made it. I guess gingerbread house making is not one of my fortes. I had fun though and that's what counts right?

This is Kenzie and Allyson's. Kenzie didn't even try a Ziploc bag and just went with a knife and her finger. Plus she just used all the broken pieces too. They ended up winning. Ally was so excited and "could not believe it" that they won.

This creative house belongs to my brother Micah and his wife Bridi. It's the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, come inside, there's fun inside!

Tabitha and her husband Kymnbel made this elaborate one. It's way nice, stained glass windows and a balcony. Similar to Brandy's but made with graham crackers. I love their little cobblestone path.

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CC said...

That looks like so much fun! Awesome job on your house Ally! I can see why you won!

PS-Love the Christmas pic at the top of your blog-looks great!