Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Yes, Allyson turned 6. She gets so excited anticipating this day every year.

This year we made a banner using old school printer paper.

Then when Jeremy came home we went to the store to get the fixings for a pizza. Then just before we got in the checkout line I saw plain cheese pizzas. We figured it out and discovered that it was quite a bit cheaper to fix up a cheese pizza than it was to buy crust, sauce, and cheese. Plus faster dinner. Yum!
Ally's cake.

Gosner's Rootbeer Milk. If you have not had this I recommend you try it. So good!

Wizards of Waverly Place purse.

Hidden inside the purse a Wizards of Waverly necklace. She saw this right before Christmas and wanted it so bad. Alas, I said no. But I told her she could save up for it. She has been doing chores and saving up for this $3.50 necklace. She finally got enough money and we went to the store to buy it and found that they were sold out. Luckily Jeremy had to go to Logan so he tried his luck at the gigantic Wal-Mart they have up there and he found it!

Can I say just how awesome after Christmas sales are.

Animals in my pocket that can go in....
....their own house!

A camera. This gift is an upgrade because the one she got for Christmas broke so easily and so fast. (refer to the Christmas post)

She got a few more gifts from other people but sorry, no pictures. She was so happy it was her birthday. She reminded me to sing Happy Birthday to her at least a dozen times. I'm so lucky I have her!

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CC said...

It looks like she had a blast! Did I tell you that I got a cake so we could celebrate Ally's (and your) birthday here in Oregon. I was gonna write on it but I didn't have any extra frosting. Still, we all had to say "Happy Birthday Ally" 10 times fast before we could have any. (Corbin and Mia couldn't do it so they didn't get any-oh well) Happy Birthday Ally-we love you!