Saturday, March 6, 2010

A Whole Hand

Andrea turned 5 on Thursday! We were kind of preoccupied and I felt just awful because we barely did anything with her. We did open presents and Jeremy and I took her to McDonalds to eat and play. She got to go to her aunt's house to watch Shrek on her projector and eat ice cream sundaes, and she slept the night there too. So it wasn't a bad day it just wasn't as special as I'd like it to have been. I'll make a cake for her sooner or later. I love you Tum tum!!!

Oh and our computer crashed and the pictures are gone (everything but the last 2 months worth were saved on discs, whew, so we just lost Jan-Feb 2010, lost Ally's b'day pics, dang!) so I had to scrounge up what pictures were on the laptop so they aren't the best but they are of my favorite 5-year-old in the entire world.

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