Saturday, March 6, 2010

Deja Vu

So I've had some deja vu this past week. I'll start at the beginning, the kids and I had colds so I called the doctors to get some meds on Monday morning but we can't get in until Tuesday afternoon. Midday on Monday Ally complained her stomach hurt and ended up throwing up 20 minutes later. And then 45 minutes after that and then an hour after that. Pretty much once every hour until my dad came and gave her a blessing. The next morning she woke up with a fever and wouldn't get out of bed cuz if she did it would "kill her." She needed to use the restroom so I carried her and she had some troubles with that and told me it hurt too bad. So then she slept and slept and slept until I woke her up to go to the doctors. Jeremy was in meetings all day so my mom lent me her car.

We get to the Dr. and he checks me out, Andie out, Jonas out....just bad colds. Then we get to Ally. I explain the bathroom thing, the sleeping thing, and the vomiting thing and he tells me to go to the ER. He's afraid that the bug she had has gotten into her kidneys and if we don't get lab work done and fluids in her she might go septic. I'm freaking out now. Thinking NO, THIS IS JUST A COLD!!! I head over to the hospital and once they get things figured out we get into the ER.

Getting ready to get her IV, they filled all those vials with blood.

I catch the ER Dr. up on things and they take some blood. Ally meanwhile is just listless and lethargic. My mom has arrived to save the day and take my other two kids while Jeremy is on his way back to Brigham. They poke her and ask if it hurts in various places. We get some medicine into her and wait for another doctor to come give a second opinion. There is talk of a CT scan but that would expose her to radiation which would increase her chance of cancer later in life to they don't want to do that unless they have to. They do a urine test and it comes back free of infection so it's not her kidneys. YAY!!! They prod some more and decide that it's appendicitis. It has almost been a year from the last time we were in the ER for this very same thing. Jeremy just arrives and I tell him appendicitis and his reaction was just two words. No. Way.

They whisk her off to the operating room where she undergoes surgery and recovery then she's wheeled to her room. Still under a lot of pain meds she's feeling better, although she's not active she doesn't necessarily want to go to sleep either. It's nearly 11:30pm before she finally drifts off.

Still in the ER after getting her IV in and her blood taken. Poor pale little kid.

She went right back to sleep, I guess the pain zapped all her energy.

Getting wheeled from the ER to the OR.

She had to be on oxygen so her cold wouldn't turn into pneumonia.

The volunteers at the hospital gave her that blanket and she had Chocolate (the brown puppy) with her constantly.

It turned out her appendix ruptured. Wow. My daughter is a brave little girl. They had her on antibiotics and she got A LOT of visitors and gifts. Thank you everyone! She barely ate though. For example for breakfast she'd have 3 fruit loops. Lunch would be 2 bites of bread. Dinner would consist of 4 grapes and 1/2 of a strawberry. (That she would all later throw up because her pain medicine tasted so awful she'd gag.)

Watching Gummi Bears on DVD. She still looks a little out of it does she not.

She had to go on walks that she hated because it hurt so bad. My heart broke many a time from seeing the look on her face when anyone said the word walk. But slowly, oh so very slowly she was getting better. Her fever went down and she became more involved in conversations. Until on Friday after spending the night I went home with the other 2 kiddos to clean and launder some clothes. I was gone for about 4 hours and when I came back she was walking. And not a hunched over shuffle walk but a standing upright walking so much better walk. What a difference 4 hours can make. She crawled back into bed by herself, and ate nearly 1/2 of her dinner that night. That night she finally started getting homesick. I asked earlier that morning if she liked it there. Of course she says, TV all day, stay in bed and pajamas all day, I just relax. She stayed until Saturday morning, so we spent 1/2 of Andrea's birthday in the hospital, I'll make it up to you Andie.

Friday afternoon after she suddenly got so much better.

Andrea and Ally playing with one of Andie's birthday presents.

Saturday morning just before we left the hospital to go home, sweet home.

She still has a lot healing to do and she still detest her medicine (anyone have any ideas on how to get a 6-year-old to take a nasty tasting pill? I've tried grape juice, chocolate pudding, and applesauce, no luck.) but she's healthy and happy.

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Brein said...

Oh poor baby!!! It's so good you got her in when you did though. I'm glad she's doing better. Thats insane that it's happened twice in your family.