Thursday, June 10, 2010

And.......we're back!

After a short break we took while our computer was getting worked on by Jeremy's awesome cousin Nathan, we are back! What big things have we done while we were taking our hiatus you ask....keep reading and you'll find out!

Ally finished up kindergarten, her teacher said she is amazing.

Jeremy got the opportunity to run West Water on the Colorado with 3 of his cousin for a few days. He had heard lots of crazy stories about how dangerous and fun in was so I think he put it on too high of a pedestal. He had a really good time but was a bit underwhelmed.

Jeremy chillin on the Colorado.

Jeremy's cousins, Malone and Barbie

and Red.
Jeremy said the water was really brown and sandy

Jeremy's cousins, Malone and Red

He came home with a sunburn that was almost purple it was so bad!

We took our traditional Memorial weekend trip to Alpine,WY where Jeremy ran the Snake.
Yes that is an ice chunk.

and yes that bank is completely covered in snow. Did they all freeze?

I think so.

My handsome son.

Jeremy taught the kids how to play Slap-Jack.

We had a fashion show with Snow Jonas and Cinderally.

Jonas learned how to play the piano.

Took our first trip to a store called Cabela's.

The kids thought it was cool.

On the 5th of June, Jeremy's sister Beth and her family were sealed in the Bountiful temple. It was so amazing. That's where Jeremy and I were sealed and it brought back all those wonderful memories. I'm so happy for them. Jeremy's other sister Kristi brought her daughter Mia down for the occasion. Unfortunately her husband and boys weren't able to make it but we enjoyed having those two down for a few days.

Tiffany and Mia

Jeremy, Ally reading to Kristi

Then for a big surprise for the kids, Jeremy got them a swing set. Getting it was a hassle, after waiting an hour for our store in town to tell us they didn't have it, he had to drive to Ogden. Then 1/2 way back the truck broke down. But we got it home
and set it up

it was a bit chilly and windy but that didn't stop them

and by the looks on their faces you can tell they enjoy it, so it was all worth it.

A few days later we went to Willow Park in Logan.

Feeding the fish

All the Forsgren cousins but one, she was at girl's camp.

I thought raccoons were nocturnal???

My 3 kids cheesin' it up for the camera!

That just about wraps it up.


Michael and Tiffany said...

How fun! I am sad that you guys are gone to the cabin for awhile (and basically the whole summer). Your kids are oh so cute and I wish I could spend more time with them.

I love how much fun you guys have and especially when you share it with us (glad that you didn't have any crazy/scary/surgery stories to tell.

Love your guts all you Hunsakers

CC said...

I'm with Tiff-It's great to see how busy you are with fun things instead of the hard stuff you've been plagued with. It was also fantastic to see all those beautiful children and meet Jonas! Miss you guys.

Apryl said...

It was more good than bad, wasn't it. Other than the truck breaking down it was all good news. Wow, good news feels good.