Saturday, July 10, 2010


I got a phone call while I was in Alpine that went a little something like this:

Me: Hi honey, I miss you.
Jeremy: Don't get mad, okay.
Me: Why would I get mad? I'm excited to see you tomorrow.
Jeremy: Just promise me you won't get mad, okay? I love you.
Me: Okay, I promise I won't get mad, what's going on?
Jeremy: Where's the dog kennel? The one we got when we had Bauer before he ran away.
Me: Out in the shed, back left corner. (pause) Why?
Jeremy: Just keep remembering that you promised me you wouldn't get mad..........
I bought a dog.
Me: (Another longer pause) What kind is it?
Jeremy: A chihuahua. I love you.
Me: What? No, those are not really dogs they are big rats. They are ugly, honey. Why? No.
Jeremy: I know, I think they are ugly too. But this one doesn't look like the ones you're thinking of. This one is cute. It's almost 10 weeks old and the kids will love it. I love you.
Me: We'll see. I love you too.

So far he's right......

It licks Jonas' face a lot. I don't think Jonas enjoys that part, but he does love watching him.

His black patches make him look like a cow and we love Utah State.

Meet Aggie.

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Madi said...

ooo I love him!!! Sooo cute!